Monday, July 28, 2008

Buying Eyeglasses With Aspheric Lenses

Most popular lens designs can now be ordered in aspheric form, including bifocals, progressive addition lenses (no-line bifocals) and single vision. Some are made from high-index materials, too.

For several reasons, frame selection is important with aspheric lenses. In general, the best looking eyewear results when the frame is not overly large and when the eyes are centered in the middle of the frame opening. Your eye doctor or optician will guide you in selecting the best type of frame to use with your new aspheric lenses.

Taking measurements for aspheric lenses requires greater care and skill on the part of the optician, but this only requires an extra minute or two. Creating the complicated curves used in aspheric lenses makes them a little more expensive than conventional lenses. But the outstanding cosmetic and visual benefits of these marvelous lenses make them a good investment.

Since aspheric lenses are flatter and positioned slightly closer to the face than conventional lenses, some wearers may notice more reflections off the flatter back surface of the lenses. The best way to eliminate these reflections is to order an anti-reflective coating, which also improves vision through the lenses.

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