Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eye Strain Got You Down? Simple Steps To Reduce Computer Vision Syndrome

Have you ever wondered why long hours in front of the computer leave your eyes feeling tired and strained? What is it about computer monitors that leave us feeling tense, blurred, and dry in the eyes?

Focusing up close for any long period of time has temporary effects on our eyes. For starters, when we focus up close, our blink rate slows down. The average person blinks about 20 times every minute during normal activity. Blink rates slow down to less than half that when we are focused intently on anything up close, this includes the computer screen.

But why do computer screens affect our eyes more than reading a book or the newspaper? Computer images are pixilated, meaning they do not have sharp edges. In turn our eyes are working a little harder to make out the edges and convert these pixilated images to sharp edges. Printed material, such as text in books, has sharp edges. To reduce the pixilated effect on your computer, you can increase the screen resolution; however, this tends to shrink the size of the text you are viewing.

Another aspect that affects our eyes while working on the computer is the monitor location. Having the monitor ergonomically located below eye level will make your eyes feel better. The eyes dry through many means, including evaporation. If you are constantly looking upward at the monitor, your eyes will be more open lending them to more evaporative dry eye symptoms. Keeping the monitor located at a lower level will keep your eyes more closed while working, trapping in moisture.

An easy fix for your computer strained eyes are a pair of computer vision eyeglasses. Glasses will aid in ocular relaxation and allow you to work longer and more comfortably on your computer. Computer glasses are essentially low power reading glasses that simply magnify the screen. If you do not regularly wear reading glasses, simply get a pair of +1.00 readers and feel the re-empowerment of being able to work at your computer eye-strain free.

Suzanne Hughes welcomes you to view the wide selection of computer and reading glasses that are sure to make you and your eyes more comfortable.

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