Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wholesale Reading Glasses – Make reading a pleasure

Author: Kirk Bachelder

Reading glasses are an important requirement for almost every person who is educated and cares for his eyes. Reading glasses make it easier for people to read because they improve the clarity of text regardless if it is printed or if it is being read from a computer screen. For anyone looking to purchase reading glasses its recommended to purchase wholesale reading glasses because not only do the wholesale reading glasses come at much more affordable prices as compared to retail reading glasses, the buyer has a lot of colours and designs to choose from. Wholesale reading glasses also help protect the eyes from the harmful computer radiation as well as harmful ultraviolet radiation when you are reading in sunlight.

Looking into the history of wholesale reading glasses we will find that even though the concept of glasses was present as far behind as the presence of the roman emperor Nero, in was in 1284 in Italy that Salvino D’Armate came up with the first wearable eye glass, which has today transformed into wholesale reading glasses. If you are looking for wholesale looking glasses, here are some tips and considerations for you.

First of all get your eyes examined. This will tell the exact dioptre rating of the wholesale reading glasses that you need. While in some cases you may not need vision correction glasses because your eye sight is perfect, this does not meant that you will have nothing to gain from wholesale reading glasses. Even for the people with correct eyesight wholesale reading glasses can improve the clarity of the text and prevent any unnecessary eye stress.

Secondly you must get wholesale reading glasses if you are going to use them for reading from computer screen as well as if you plan to read outdoors in sunlight. Wholesale reading glasses come with anti glare coating which will help protect your eyes from unwanted high intensity radiations and reflections.

Thirdly wholesale reading glasses must be purchased from a credible vendor. There are a number of people selling wholesale reading glasses. In a number of cases, these wholesale sunglasses claim to have a number of advanced features but in reality they are nothing more than cheap plastic frame and cheap quality glass lens. Good quality wholesale reading glasses are always made of good quality plastic or metal frames and come with optical grade glass lenses. You can get these good quality wholesale reading glasses from

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